Tuesday, 28 September 2010


I'm being followed! ( But it's not too scary..... )

Hi to new ( indeed, only ) Followers, Duckers and Gailsman ( both from Robin Hood country, strangely - What's the record shop situation in Nottingham? )

Good to see you here, guys! Feel free to comment, leave suggestions, opinions etc. etc.
I'm always happy to hear from fellow travellers in this 'ere blogsphere.

Update: Mark's here too! Yay!!


  1. Hi there. The record shop situation is pretty dire. We used to have Selectadisc - a great independent store, fantastic for browsing through new and old stuff, and some real bargains to be had to reward perserverance. You may remember that a London branch of Selectadisc appears on the cover of the 2nd Oasis album. Anyway, that's gone. We also had a nice little store on Angel Row that sold a lot of jazz albums, rare soul and blues and hard-to-find soundtracks. That's gone.

    Since Virgin went tits up we now have - amazingly - three branches if HMV within easy walking distance of each other and Fopp (the discount store).

    The days of happy hours spent browsing seem like a pasttime that we will know, but our children won't. Unless website browsing counts...

  2. Round our way HMV have the monopoly, unfortunately. It's a real shame that so many small record shops have gone under. But, as you said, their days have come and gone. Website browsing will never replace the simple pleasures of rooting through hundreds of discs to find that one unexpected rarity..... and then haggling with the guy behind the counter :-)