Sunday, 23 August 2015

Apropos of absolutely nothing...

Just to say, for anybody who still looks in on this barely-functioning blog ( and that's probably just you, John Pitt )  -  I'm still here! The next scheduled but almost infinitely delayed post here will be about The Flaming Lips' psychedelic masterpiece The Soft Bulletin. One day. Definitely.

I was just thinking about all things cosmic after listening to Sarah's copy of the new Florence + The Machine album. I remarked that the last track, Mother, reminded me of the mighty Hawkwind. She asked me what Hawkwind sound like and I said "a swirling kind of song that goes on forever and sounds like a spaceship crashing." I think I nailed it!

BTW Hawkwind will probably never appear again on this blog :-)


  1. Sorry I missed this post, Simon. I will check more often In future!

  2. No problem, John! I just need to get off my lazy arse and actually post something here :-)
    I've just had to delete a couple of spam comments on here so I will have to keep an eye on this blog, in case it gets swamped with crap :-(