Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Was it something I said?

I think this is the first time I've actually lost a Follower. Perhaps I should have posted about the mighty Klams? ;-)

Anyways, this 'ere blog has been a bit quiet of late I know, but I do plan further rock 'n' roll witterings here as soon as inhumanly possible. ( Next up: New Day Rising by Husker Du - stay tuned!! )

Soundtrack: wailing and gnashing of teeth.


  1. Never mind. It's the quality of follower, not the quantity that matters.

    That's what I keep telling myself...

  2. Wise words, indeed.....

    Thanks for your support, mate!

  3. Hey fuck off chaps, I'm still reading. Turns out there's a limit to how many blogs I can follow through my Blogger Dashboard, and some blogs just had to fall by the wayside.

  4. Nice to have you back, Mr. K.!!